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We turn complex data into clear, actionable Intelligence to inform critical decisions

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Behavior-Based Models



Human behavior is complex. It's enigmatic and riddled with beliefs that often run contrary to actions.

Complex problems merit complex analysis.

Our next-gen data intelligence resolves with the highest accuracy not only who people are, but also their true priorities, and how best to engage..

People are more than the sum of their data points


How We're Different

Our proprietary influence algorithms map Intention (what people might to do), Integrity (commitment with follow through) and Influence (the capacity to affect others) to power population-scale shifts in actions and opinions.

Our surveillance and threat intelligence CNNs monitor changes in real time for full situational awareness over disparate hosts, and automated with deep machine learning for faster, more accurate response with less resources.


For federal agencies

Because of our privileged relationship with federally-funded R&D laboratories, most of our software licenses are free or of nominal cost to federal agencies.

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World-class, well-trained AI coupled with proprietary sentiment analysis from our discretely-captured first party data.

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Deployment & Logistics

Full offsite or embedded SOC capabilities, inbound automated deployment teams, customer services, SaaS logistics, and updates included.

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Threat Intelligence

Multivariate predictive models measure on behavior over time for accurate adversarial activity forecasts. 

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"The temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the bane of our profession.”

— Sherlock Holmes